Social Media Advertising


Social Media Advertising

Advertising, but not as you know it.

We hate irrelevant and in-your-face ads as much as the next person. That’s why we’re adamant about Social Media Advertising. We get Real personal and targeted, sticking to a budget and minimising the waste of a costly mass approach. With specific campaign goals, deliver messages to the right audience – less ‘advertising’ and more ‘appealing’

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Real Leads

Over 80% of Australians use social media in some capacity, with Facebook still the preferred platform. Generate Real leads for your business using clever segmentation tools, considering your potential customer’s geo-location, interests, basic demographics and other consumer behaviours.

  • Social Media Goals

    Focus your campaign on building brand awareness, increasing traffic, increasing page likes or follows, and/or improving customer engagement.

  • Audience Retargeting

    Easily remarket to audiences we know are already interested in your offering.

  • Budget-Focused Management

    Work with a team that focuses on the best results within your budget, dedicated to managing spend and monitoring the success of each post.

The Role of Social Media Marketing in Business Growth

Unlock the potential of social media marketing to reach more people and generate conversions. For many of us, it’s the first thing we look at in the morning and the last that we scroll through at night. A strong presence builds awareness and leads, allowing your business to flourish and grow. Define your audience, manage your overall brand consistency and image, then use targeted campaigns to deliver Real results.
Social Media Success Plan

  • Targeted audience engagement
  • Consistent brand messaging
  • Performance-driven campaigns
  • Detailed analytics reporting

Boost Your Business

Consider social media advertising a generous leg-up for your brand. We’ve worked with numerous clients, finessing our experience to boost your business. If higher conversion rates, increased site users and strengthened leads – all at a low cost – sound enticing, you’ve come to the right place. Get it right with RealClicks.

Targeted Ad Campaigns

A strong brand helps people remember your business

Optimised Ad Spend

Strategic budget allocation for maximum ROI

Conversion Tracking

Measure conversion success for strategic improvements

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Social Media Advertising

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