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Founded in 1973, Betta takes pride in being the leading choice in the home installation industry for Sydney-siders. With over 40 years in the building industry, Betta wanted to expand their digital presence by creating lasting impressions within the community through increased social presence, sponsored posts and corporate videos.

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The RealClicks team provided videography services for Café del Mar, showcasing their range of services and offerings. A sleek, modern video with stylish cinematography choices has given Café del Mar a valuable digital asset that can be used in multiple marketing efforts. By capturing the essence of the brand and dining experience in a short video, we can now showcase the best that Café del Mar has to offer.

Our team have also been busy making video reels and shorts for social media posts, which have been invaluable additions to Cafe del Mar’s online presence.

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In addition to videography, our team has captured still images for Café del Mar's use across various platforms, including social media, enhancing their visual presence. Importantly, these images have been tailored for social media use, serving as invaluable additions to Café del Mar's digital marketing strategy.

Website Design

Our digital team converted the original website into a more user friendly experience by simplifying the offering of the website through more detailed navigation tools and structured layouts.


A corporate video was created with the purpose of communicating to customers the size and scope of the business as well as their product and service offerings. Our videography packages are affordable and ideal for cross- channel marketing.

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Social Marketing

Social media was a new advertising opportunity for Betta introduced by RealClicks to extend their customer base and improve target marketing.

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Social Media Management

Betta’s social streams are both inspiring and practical, showcasing thoughtful blogs and real-life Betta projects as well as interior design inspiration from all over the globe. Some results from 2020:


Total Audience


Audience Growth


Facebook Page Likes


Instagram New Followers
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Free Digital Marketing Review


Betta was struggling with low organic traffic, a low number of top-10 keywords and lack of content on the website. The RealClicks solution was content optimisation, publishing high-quality blog articles, creating strong backlinks, optimising the landing page and interlinks.


  • Organic traffic increased by 47.49%
  • The number of top-10 keywords increased by 56%


Organic Traffic


Top 10 Keywords
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Article Content

Betta required two blogs a month with targeted keywords to boost their web presence through SEO. Each blog highlighted different aspects of the business including product offerings, brand statements and insights on what products and services suited different customers best. These blogs attracted new leads, drove social posts and developed a brand personality.

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