Become the apple of Google’s eye.

For modern businesses, earning the attention and recognition of Google is a treasure unlocked.

Reportedly, Google processes over 5.6 billion queries each day, with the average person contributing 3-4 searches. The research varies, but anywhere between 75% and 95% of consumers don’t scroll past the first page of results. In this increasingly competitive space, the benefits of an expert Search Engine Optimisation team are priceless.

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Real Rankings

It all comes down to rankings. Partnering with our clients, RealClicks investigates and actions on-site and off-site strategies to improve their search engine position and outdo competitors.

We implement thorough keyword research, providing direction for the optimisation of on-site content, including website copy, high-quality blogs and articles, landing pages and other issues. Externally, we build attractive backlinks, working across multiple content channels.

We live and breathe this stuff to help you earn Google’s favour.

Ranking Improvement

Keyword Research

Backlink Building

On-Site Optimisation

Effective SEO Strategies to Maximise Your Business

You could say that we never sleep. Monitoring and implementing SEO strategies is an always-on task, with our team dedicated to continually optimising and refining where required. Our top strategies include:

  • Consistent competitor analysis
  • Cleaning up bad links
  • Prioritising internal links
  • Implementing a Digital PR strategy
  • Optimising images, meta descriptions and page titles
  • Crafting a consistent on-site blog strategy

Stand Out in a Crowded Market

While your brand image and social media presence build interest and tell your business story, standing out in a crowded market is more than just visual. Beat your competitors to it and Increase your online visibility. With an experienced and dedicated team, we’ve worked with clients across all industries and sizes to help them take advantage of Google’s goods. Don’t let intimidation hold your business back – speak to RealClicks today.

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