A loyal client for over 10 years, Brescia is a leading importer of Italian furniture into Australia offering exclusive Italian furniture brands. Established in 1970, the business required a fresh modern look to reflect their brand evolution. The challenge was to remain as true as possible to the original Brescia heritage of quality and craftsmanship.


To balance the rebranding of Brescia there needed to be a preservation of the heritage of the brand as well as an embrace of modern design progression. To allow this we put together a brand story to showcase the values of Brescia. The new logo remains true to the original, yet is more in line with the new brand identity. Cleaner curves for a modern look balanced with a wide-character footprint to instil trust and a sense of history.

Website Design

After Realclicks designed the new and improved logo, it only made sense to adapt the website into the same clean-cut brand image that suits the Brescia brand. The new site supported a fresh and modern digital approach with a straightforward user interface.


When Brescia originally became a client they had 8 keywords ranked on the top 10 positions of Google search results. Now they rank on the first page for a total of 86 keywords at a 860% increase. From October 2018 to September 2019, the site saw a 5% increase in organic clicks and 31% increase in impressions on account of more structured SEO.

  • 31% increase in impressions from SEO,
  • 860% increase in total first page keywords


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