Take your brand into the future with video.

A Real passion for storytelling is what sets us apart at RealClicks. Working with each client, we develop unique messages spread across multiple channels to differentiate from competitors and share your brand’s essence. Show off your winning personality!

With consumers increasingly turning to video, it’s a surefire way to attract new leads, meet your target audience where they’re at, humanise your business and encourage Real connection.

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Videos are shared 1200% more times

than links and text combined.

Real Benefits

  • A cross-channel marketing tool with many purposes. Maximise the value of your video content by using it on-site, on multiple social media platforms, for advertising campaigns and more.
  • Communicate brand image and values. Allow audiences to see your business or brand first-hand, highlighting essential aspects and building points of differentiation.
  • Humanise your brand. Connect with your audience on an emotional level and add personality, which, in turn, prompts greater rapport, credibility and trust.
  • Inform your audience. Create content that is easily digestible, entertaining, educational and engaging.
  • Boost SEO. Search engines love video content as much as we do, so take advantage of this increased attention.

Real Action

Our creative team works with expert videographers to develop videos that grasp your message and amplify it through inspired cinematography. Enhance your ROI with our affordable packages, whether you are rolling out a new campaign, communicating brand updates or boosting testimonials.

Revolutionise Your Video Marketing Strategy

Approach video marketing professionally and strategically, no matter the size of your business, with RealClicks.

Upscale your efforts with our holistic approach that is guaranteed to boost awareness. We’ll partner with you throughout the whole process, from collecting reviews to developing the brand voice and pinpointing the visuals that will make a Real bang.

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