Captain Green

Established in 2010, Captain Green is one of Australia’s Top and longest serving Solar companies. 100% Australian owned Captain Green prides itself on offering customers the best solar deals with great service and the best prices. Over a decade the company has succeeded in installation of more than 250,000 solar panels proving the company has experience, quality assurance, value for money and industry-wide endorsement.

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The RealClicks team provided videography services for Café del Mar, showcasing their range of services and offerings. A sleek, modern video with stylish cinematography choices has given Café del Mar a valuable digital asset that can be used in multiple marketing efforts. By capturing the essence of the brand and dining experience in a short video, we can now showcase the best that Café del Mar has to offer.

Our team have also been busy making video reels and shorts for social media posts, which have been invaluable additions to Cafe del Mar’s online presence.

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In addition to videography, our team has captured still images for Café del Mar's use across various platforms, including social media, enhancing their visual presence. Importantly, these images have been tailored for social media use, serving as invaluable additions to Café del Mar's digital marketing strategy.


RealClicks produced a strong client testimonial video that formed the basis of the Homepage on the website for upwards of 5 years. The video was informative, included attention to detail and used a variety of cinematography skills and editing techniques to create a seamless viewer experience.

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Social Marketing

Facebook Advertising was so successful for Captain Green that the platform equated to nearly 60% of all leads generated. Our campaigns relied on consistency in brand image and using quality creative content to maximise consumer engagement.


Total Leads


Facebook Leads
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Social Media Management

Captain Green’s social media strategy is based on building brand equity. With a multi-themed approach that focuses on products as well as renewable energy advancements. RealClicks has helped make Captain Green a frontrunner in the solar panel provider market, as well as a thoughtful solar and environmentally conscious company.




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Reached Users


Garnered Impressions
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RealClicks improved Captain Green’s SEO ranking through website content development with a focus on service offerings. Content focused on keywords whilst still maintaining well-written and high quality information. This relevant and useful content saw organic traffic increase by 127% and number of top -10 keywords on Google increased by 512%.

Top Fixes
  • SEO ranking
  • Website content development
  • Keywords
  • Organic traffic increase


Organic Traffic


Top 10 Keywords
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Content Development

Captain Green chose to have 3 blogs a month at 1000 words with integrated target keywords. These blogs boosted the SEO rating, attracted new leads, developed the brand personality and provided readers insights into solar energy and how investing in renewable energy could reduce their carbon footprints and support sustainability. These blogs were also used to drive social posts on Facebook and Instagram.

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