Campion College

Established in 2006, Campion College is Australia’s first tertiary liberal arts college, educating students in humanities and sciences which lie at the core of the Western intellectual tradition. Based in Sydney’s West, the 10 acre Catholic student campus offers boarding and a large variety of extracurricular programs beyond tertiary education.

Website Design

Campion required a comprehensive website that matched their revised branding guidelines and conveyed the standards and values of Campion College to browsers. The website features strong callouts, a simple user experience and consistent design aspects that incorporate the Campion College branding.

Social Marketing

Social Media Ads focused on brand awareness and lead generation with content based around promoting course intakes and special events such as open days. By engaging with prospective students, Campion has established a clear brand voice, strengthened their online presence and built relationships with students, teachers and prospects.


Over 2 Million Impressions


Increase in Leads


SEO was both inbuilt into the website development process and optimised offsite and onsite. Campion successfully increased their top ranking keywords by 350% and experienced a 40% increase in website traffic.


  • Organic traffic increased 40%
  • Top ranking keywords increased 350%

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Campion College

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