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Airfare Geeks are a specialist travel agency with a big personality and a passion for travel, especially round-the-world airfares. Born from a love of travel and decades worth of experience in the industry, the team at airfare geeks specialise in simplifying complicated itineraries and finding the best deals for round-the-world airfares.

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The RealClicks team provided videography services for Café del Mar, showcasing their range of services and offerings. A sleek, modern video with stylish cinematography choices has given Café del Mar a valuable digital asset that can be used in multiple marketing efforts. By capturing the essence of the brand and dining experience in a short video, we can now showcase the best that Café del Mar has to offer.

Our team have also been busy making video reels and shorts for social media posts, which have been invaluable additions to Cafe del Mar’s online presence.

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In addition to videography, our team has captured still images for Café del Mar's use across various platforms, including social media, enhancing their visual presence. Importantly, these images have been tailored for social media use, serving as invaluable additions to Café del Mar's digital marketing strategy.

Airfare Geeks required a brand revision to build a stronger brand perspective to prospects. Their old brand did not accurately reflect their service offering and they required a logo that created synergy to the airfare industry. RealClicks designed a logo that used Aviation inspired design elements to complete the brand symmetry.

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Website Design

Airfare Geeks required a state-of-the-art website that was modern, had a seamless user interface and was up-to-date with industry leading technology. To achieve this brief RealClicks created a website that was in line with brand guidelines, supported customer’s queries and incorporated a custom multi-city flight itinerary widget.

Social Marketing

Airfare Geeks had been running Social Media Ads in house for years before RealClicks took over. During this passing of the baton, campaigns became focused on top of funnel viewers with interests in travel. These likes/follow campaigns used strong imagery and incentives such as deals/packages to build social audiences and long-term leads.


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After development of the new website, SEO was essential to optimise Google rankings. Great SEO was achieved by publishing backlinks, offsite content, referring domains and optimising keywords through onsite content development.


  • 41 backlinks, 25 referring domains
  • Increase front page ranks by 400%


Front Page Rank Increase
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Content Development

Airfare Geeks required 2-3 blogs a month by our Content Development team to boost onsite SEO and create an Educational Travel hub for their viewers. Blogs focused on boosting keywords, providing genuine thought leadership and educating readers on the best practice for round-world travel.

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