Multispares is an independent company providing mainstream distribution for aftermarket truck and bus parts across Australia and New Zealand. They have been operating for more than 40 years with the clear and unchanged mission statement of “Quality Parts with Professional Service at Competitive Prices.”

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The RealClicks team provided videography services for Café del Mar, showcasing their range of services and offerings. A sleek, modern video with stylish cinematography choices has given Café del Mar a valuable digital asset that can be used in multiple marketing efforts. By capturing the essence of the brand and dining experience in a short video, we can now showcase the best that Café del Mar has to offer.

Our team have also been busy making video reels and shorts for social media posts, which have been invaluable additions to Cafe del Mar’s online presence.

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In addition to videography, our team has captured still images for Café del Mar's use across various platforms, including social media, enhancing their visual presence. Importantly, these images have been tailored for social media use, serving as invaluable additions to Café del Mar's digital marketing strategy.

Website Design

The RealClicks Design Team was challenged to develop an intuitive website with proper UI & UX structure. Our focus was acquiring SEO benefits from the rebuild to enable quality content with strategic variations of targeted keywords. Throughout the process, they succeeded in creating an extensive product catalogue, presenting a single marketing presence and developing a site that boosted SEO – all while remaining user-friendly and customer-centric.


In June 2017, the website ranked on the first page of Google for 9 keywords. The RealClicks team committed to improving the site, seeing an impressive increase within the space of 2 years, jumping to 206 keywords on the first page of Google. The site now holds positions on competitive and conversion-friendly truck brand names. Organic clicks and impressions increased by 42.38% and 115.94%, respectively, between October 2018 and September 2019.

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Article Content

The content writing goal for Multispares was to broaden their reach to customers, attract new leads and develop a stronger brand personality. Blogs were focused on providing customers with tips and solutions relevant to the business and its products/services. Intensive research ensured the content was unique and factual whilst including targeted keywords to boost SEO. Content writing is a diversifiable tool and can be used to drive social posts.

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