Blue Haven Pools

Australia’s largest swimming pool builder, Blue Haven has led in affordable and stylish pool design and building since 1973. With a long history of providing quality and excellence to customers Blue Haven Pools has won over 350 industry design awards through the help of a talented team boasting over 100 years of combined experience. This specialised leader offers first class service and a passion for innovative pool solutions.

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The RealClicks team provided videography services for Café del Mar, showcasing their range of services and offerings. A sleek, modern video with stylish cinematography choices has given Café del Mar a valuable digital asset that can be used in multiple marketing efforts. By capturing the essence of the brand and dining experience in a short video, we can now showcase the best that Café del Mar has to offer.

Our team have also been busy making video reels and shorts for social media posts, which have been invaluable additions to Cafe del Mar’s online presence.

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In addition to videography, our team has captured still images for Café del Mar's use across various platforms, including social media, enhancing their visual presence. Importantly, these images have been tailored for social media use, serving as invaluable additions to Café del Mar's digital marketing strategy.

Website Design

The website needed an ecommerce site different to the standard carts. During consultation Blue Haven Pools provided guidelines for the new website including work on the sitemap, UX and UI layout and designs. Included in these consultations were the wireframing and design for key pages and templates. All of these fundamental elements to the website were incorporated into a design process including a functionality scope for development.

Overall RealClicks were involved in:
  • Consultation
  • Sitemap and Wireframes
  • Design
  • Website development
  • Content writing
  • Launch
  • Hosting
  • Ongoing maintenance

Social Marketing

Blue Haven Pools had issues with converting leads so RealClicks made adjustments to their campaign strategy and target audience to reduce the volume of leads and focus on attracting more quality leads.


Better Qualified


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Blue Haven Pools first came to RealClicks for issues with image URLs, broken links, duplicate title tags, poor meta descriptions and low quality backlinks. To improve their SEO we began optimising their content on landing pages, created high quality link building and optimised alt tags and title tags.


  • Organic traffic increased by 13%
  • The number of top-10 keywords increased by 79%


Organic Traffic


Top 10 Keywords
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Article Content

Over the years of working for Blue Haven Pools we have written blog content, website content and more recently produced digital PR that has been shared across high profile sites.

Reputation Management

Large brands often need a little help keeping their brands on point with the wider audience. In Blue Haven Pools case, there are similar named brands in the USA and Queensland that were appearing under local brand searches and causing brand confusion. RealClicks improved this by creating a clear and distinctive brand voice for Blue Haven Pools, this was achieved through:

  • Increased review ratings
  • Publishing news articles that boosted first page ranks on Google
  • Improving social media page ranks on Google
  • Modifying and maintaining Google Business listing
  • This has all come together to give a quality, consistent and professional brand experience on Google and the wider internet.
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Blue Haven Pools

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