Menopause Centre

The Australian Menopause Centre (AMC) is a specialised medical centre in Australia, providing comprehensive and personalised care for women who are experiencing menopause or hormonal imbalances. The centre is dedicated to helping women manage their symptoms, improve their quality of life, and reduce the risk of long-term health complications associated with menopause. The goal is to offer evidence-based and individual care to women during their menopause journey.

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Social Media Management

RealClicks offered a comprehensive social media solution, encompassing post creation, copywriting, and audience communication management. The task at hand involved tackling a delicate subject related to menopause. A nuanced approach was required, demonstrating expertise in the field of medicine while also connecting effectively with the target audience.


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A plan for creating content was formulated for the clinic to enhance their on-site search engine optimisation (SEO) and establish an educational centre for patients. To increase engagement and attract visitors to the website, articles demonstrating thought leadership are published 6-7 times per month and are shared on various social media platforms. This strategy serves to enhance search results, refine search queries, and strengthen the clinic’s SEO while also providing valuable thought leadership content to complement their social media presence.

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Menopause Centre

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