Lopi Fireplaces offers high-quality products manufactured in the USA with some of the latest fireplace technology in the heating industry. Lopi fireplaces are manufactured in both freestanding and inbuilt models and available in either gas or wood-burning models.

Website Design

RealClicks Website development for Lopi included cutting edge web design to create a modern website that reflected the elegant and high-end products Lopi sells. Development included the addition of a product catalogue with advanced filters, stronger site-mapping and alterations to the site architecture to improve the user journey and conversions.

Social Marketing

Lopi was investing heavily in traditional media and not meeting their projected ROI. Dealerships were supported by delivering individual Social Media advertising campaigns over 50 plus individual Geo Locations. An average of 21,000 website visits are generated per month* during peak season. To support the building of their social media accounts, ads run to encourage new audiences and potential new customers to like their Facebook page.


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Social Media Management

Lopi is a long-term customer of RealClicks, giving our team the opportunity to establish an interactive and strong brand presence/voice on both their social media channels of Instagram and Facebook. Interaction with customers and Lopi retailers occurs daily and contributes to a quality brand image.


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