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Authentink Tattoo studio is the world renowned Irezumi specialist studio based in Sydney, Australia, famous for the many unique styles of traditional Japanese tattooing. Authentink Studio is the culmination of 25 years of hard work, world travel/study, discipline and perseverance by its founder Kian “Horisumu” Forreal. Authentink delivers quality tattooing that stands the test of time by using premium inks, needles and equipment.

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Authentink chose Social Media Advertising to facilitate new customer acquisition and build brand awareness. Social Media has successfully boosted on-page engagement levels, improved lead generation and overall brand awareness. The rich visuals of online content have given prospective clients a clear brand image of Authentink and assisted in producing bottom of the funnel customers.




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Authentink required strong SEO optimisation to boost the organic rankings on the website. To achieve this our software engineer worked offsite to create strong backlinks such as writing guest posts and publishing on other websites. Overall time spent boosted website traffic and ranked the site first-page for over 1,500 keywords.


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