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How SEO helps a business

How SEO helps your business

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most indispensable parts of online marketing. There are many reasons which make SEO essential to growing a business. One of the most important and well-known aspects is getting organic traffic to the website. In addition to this, there are other hidden benefits which will directly or indirectly affect the Return of Investment (ROI).

Increase Organic Traffic

For SEO, driving organic traffic to the site is usually achieved by hitting the top Google search result rank. In other words, the top 5 sites on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are favoured by most users. Moreover, depending on the niches and/or search terms, top 20 sites are also favourable.

Building Brand Awareness

Many online marketing specialists believe that social media or social networking websites are the best platforms to build brand awareness. Websites like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin are strong tools for brand marketing, but that does not mean that other online marketing campaigns like search engine marketing or SEO have no role in this matter. In fact, each section of online marketing is interconnected and dependent on one another. For example, most websites usually share important blog posts on their Facebook or Linkedin page. Now it must be ensured that the blog post will be loaded to the users’ device quickly and in the proper format so that readers can enjoy the article without any hassles. For this reason, onsite SEO is required to make sure the post page is user-friendly.

Manage online reputation

Online reputation is an indispensable part of any business. From small to large sized businesses, global to local brands, it plays a vital role to gain and retain customers. People usually do online research about a company before signing up for their services. They value previous customers’ feedback and make a decision based on those reviews. For this reason, when someone searches for a company online and finds some unpleasant news about the brand, he or she must are most likely to avoid the business. SEO is one of the best ways to resolve this issue. For example, press release submission and publishing content on websites are the best ways to get rid of the negative news or minimise content appearing on the front page.

Improve UX of the website

UX is very important from a conversion point of view. If a website is not user-friendly, its conversion rate will be low. Now the question is how a user-friendly website can be SEO-friendly. To get this answer, we need to focus on the features which make a website user-friendly. Those features include – website layout or structure, webpage loading speed, images on the website, content quality, title tag and meta description and mobile usability. These features are not only important for user experience but also for SEO. For example, webpage loading speed and content quality are two major and strong ranking signals for Google.

In conclusion, it can be said that SEO one of the best marketing methods to ameliorate your business. As part of SEO activities, a lot of things are usually done which directly and indirectly boost business and brand. For this reason, business owners should focus on SEO not only for organic traffic but also for building a brand.

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