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Tee-ing up the perfect campaign

Last month we were fortunate to host the grand opening of our little, one-hole, office put-put green – Exciting times!

While none of us are likely to take the mantle as the next Jason Day, the glory of conquering the put-put will make it a hotspot for Thursday and Friday night tournaments.

As we were celebrating the put-put’s maiden round – where all of us were yelling out somewhat questionable advice to the player – it occurred to me that the humble little put-put, and it’s bigger 18-hole brother, have more in common with planning and executing digital marketing campaigns than what I first thought.


Where there’s strategy, there’s hope

No good golfer approaches a course blindly, they do their research on how it plays, areas to be careful of, what other players have done, and even the likely weather they will encounter. The same goes for digital marketing; when we’re handed a client brief we do our research on what similar campaigns have worked in the same space, what sort of patterns have we seen, what are the seasonal changes in the industry and marketplace, and more.

Like a marketer, the research a golfer does helps them map out their plan of attack, set up their tee and the important first stroke: but as we know, all the planning in the world can be quickly undone by the unexpected.

3, 2, 1, Launch! Now what?

Once a golfer has launched that little ball in the air, or you?ve shot the starting pistol on your campaign, players start recalibrating their next move.
Did it land in the right spot? Is the location you aimed for actually a trap? Did it go off-course? dragged by an unruly wind? Was the shot completely off? Were you too reserved with the shot?
In digital marketing we might ask, did we hit the required cost of lead? What brand lift did we see? Based on the results from the campaign what is the next strategy?

A good player will play each hole, but a great player will play the course. Taking the time to learn from each shot hones each consecutive move; hastily bludgeoning the ball in a new direction every time it lands might give some quick wins, but it has massive consequences in the long game.
With RealClicks, there is no marketing-related bludgeoning anywhere on our course.

So, we’re in a sand trap

A miscalculation, an errant breeze, or even a change in posture can knock a ball straight into a sand trap; and a true test of a player’s metal is in the recovery.
Great players, like great marketers, don’t just pull out of the hazards; they evaluate every step to see what elements worked against them. For a marketer, we look to each moving part of a campaign:

  • Was the creative on-message?
  • Could the offer be stronger on the landing page?
  • Who am I targeting with these ads?
  • Where are my prospects dropping off?

While falling into a trap can quickly drain your allocated strokes, in the long game players often recover to avoid larger risks farther down the course.

Play the course, not the hole

Golf is a mental game as much as it is physical; players who keep calm and tackle issues without losing sight of the bigger picture are those who climb the rankings.
Even when they’ve faced some sloppy holes, great golfers keep referring to their strategy and tweaking it to suit the developments that present on the day. Why? The strategy is a blueprint to conquering the course. Knowing that a difficult obstacle is down the track will mean they can plan to conserve shots on easier holes, and the same goes for marketing – there are ways to conserve and expend efforts to meet obstacles without exhausting the source.
Remember: Legends beat courses, not holes.

Get a good caddy

Caddies are like coaches: a good one will be able to spot a hazard, suggest the best club and provide you with objective advice on your playing style versus the challenge ahead.
Having a good marketer on your side is no different: we see the hazards, suggest the best tools and coach you on how your business and brand can tackle an obstacle and reap rewards from an opportunity.

If you would like to know more about how we can caddy your digital marketing plan to success, why not give us a call today!

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