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The importance of content writing

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Strong Website content has never been more vital. If your site has solid ranks on Google or Social media – that has real punch – and great content is the key. Quality content builds brand equity and establishes thought leadership across industries.

Google loves to see rich case studies, industry leading blog content and thorough product reviews. Providing the users with rich experiences is part of Google’s mantra, so it’s no wonder they want to see this from their high ranking websites.

Quality site content will not just rank you better organically with search engines, but should be the basis of great social media. FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram are all great to start conversations, but you need a quality blog to back up those posts. Social media alone is powerful, but lead it into a really strong blog or case study content and the business will start turning ‘likes’ into customers much faster.

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Ok it is agreed our SEO and Social media will be much more effective if we have more content onsite. This content needs to be real and build the brand (poor content might heave the opposite effect). But who has the time to write all this content?

This is where you need to engage professional help. I know you are thinking no one could write content for your business because you are the only person that truly understands it. Forget that idea, it is holding you and your digital marketing back.

Here are the steps to get some quality content rolling for you company:

  1. Find a writer who you like and whose writing style fits your industry and your business’s personality.
  2. Take time to help them understand your business and the content you would like to see.
  3. Provide topics, bullet points and briefs for the content you want.
  4. Provide detailed feedback, the better your feedback the better the writer will become at writing your content just they way you like it.
  5. Be consistent, with the briefing and the feedback. Writing can be lonely and your writer needs to know you are with them through the process.

If you can work at this, in 2 or 3 months you will have a writer that understands you, your business and your industry. They will actually produce better and more consistent content than you could have alone, as they after all professional writers.

So breath some life into that old site and freshen up the content. Google will like it, the prospects will like it and you will probably find that it lifts your whole marketing.

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