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The Human Review


The importance of third party reviews is something no business can afford to ignore – with an abundance of information floating around the web, our tech savvy potential customers will almost immediately seek some unbiased reviews before making many different types of decisions – from ordering dinner to choosing the right builder to renovate their home.

The digital age has transformed us all into virtual detectives.

We value a recommendation from a third party much like “word of mouth” – online testimonials have become the virtual “word on the street.” Even better, video testimonials lend body language, a humanising effect and convenience to these reviews.

An every day person who looks just like your neighbour has recommended this service or product – you didn’t even need to read a whole blog to find it – in 60 seconds or so you heard, and watched someone, whom you can relate to, re-assure you about this potential purchase decision.

No matter your marketing budget or scope of reach, nothing makes for better promotion than video testimonials from a third party.

See one we produced for Dental Avenue:

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