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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

What the hell is it?

Let’s break it down into terms we can all understand.

There is a hot girl or guy that you work with. I mean they are really hot and you really want them to ask you out on a date. You are really smart, so you decide to find out all the things this hot person likes in a potential dating partner. In a creepy way, you stalk them on Social pages, you talk to strangers on forums, you do online research around making yourself more attractive and, even more creepy you research ex-partners, looking for things you can copy. Clearly, you are a strange person and need help.


HINT: Google is the person you want and need to date in this scenario.

The above approach is not unlike the modern SEO guru’s approach to getting Google to date the website he or she is optimising. If you didn’t already know this fact – write it down – if Google finds your website attractive BOOM it’s your website that appears at the top of search results – right under the paid positions – this is your organic ranking people. This is where you want to be – not stuck down on page two of the search results where people are unlikely to even get to.

Smart SEO practitioners will nerdily follow various techniques such as following Google forums and join strange webinars run by strange people. All in an effort to work out what website configuration Google is currently favouring and ranking well organically. Google, just like your hot future date, has specific tastes, we need to work these out and apply these specifics to our sites.

On an important side note, this piece is specifically written to outline SEO. Please do not stalk your coworkers, it is strange and will not get you dates.

It’s downright dangerous to underestimate the importance of your website in today’s trading climate – just keep in mind Amazon Vs the old Bookstore.

So now we know that SEO is defined as hotting up our website to make Google find it attractive and when Google finds a site attractive it places you at the top of the organic search results.

Sounds simple, so what the hell does Google find attractive in a website. Well lots of things;-

  • rich well set out content
  • fast page load times
  • Mobile responsive sites
  • clear page descriptions
  • No broken parts in the site
  • etc

Basically, lots of different things help rank site better and that is why you need to stay up late and listen to lots of webinars. Or you need an agency that has nerdy people who like staying up late listening to nerdy webinars.

Right onto the bigger question, if everyone is doing SEO and Google is so smart at how it ranks sites, can anyone really get you up the ranks. Well ‘yes’ because not every SEO provider is created equal. There are SEO specialists that take the craft very seriously, they follow the Google algorithm updates like a religion and they are very particular about the every little detail in the SEO protocols they are following. Like any craft, it takes hours and effort to become a master. Great SEO strategists have been at it for years. They have a very deep knowledge of website development and the specific indicators Google uses to rank a site.

Not so great SEO providers, well they will just take your money for 6 months and then say they are sorry the site did not move up the ranks, sighting that it is a difficult task and there really are no guarantees.

How does the average website owner find his/her own SEO Guru:-

Do your research, learn a little about what is involved in Good SEO.
Get a referral to an SEO provider.
Look at their track record and make sure they have site ranking well on Google.
Make sure your provider is transparent reporting about the work they are completing for the money you paid (literally have them send you a detailed outline each month).

Last word. Give your SEO provider a chance. Dressing up of websites to win Google dates takes time, Google could date a lot of websites, give your Guru a chance to build up the sexiness of your site so Google can not help but place it at the top of its organic results.

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