Sydney Heaters

Sydney Heaters has over 25 years of experience in the heating industry. Supplying and installing both gas and wood heaters, as well as wood-fired pizza ovens. They pride themselves on quality assurance and providing customers excellent service.

Website Design

Sydney Heaters was a challenging project as the client’s previous site was considerably smaller with little to no product catalogue to speak of. RealClicks designed and developed a fully customised wordpress site that could showcase their large range of product offerings. The new user flow displayed deep consideration of the user experience and advanced filter functions assisted the search process throughout the large catalogue.


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Social Marketing

Sydney Heaters started their campaigns in 2015 with a focus on running brand awareness campaigns aimed at increasing traffic, page likes and customer engagement. Once RealClicks built their online following the team transitioned to leads-oriented campaigns with a 45% increase, resulting in 100k+ engagements. As management continued, in 2020 ad spend was reduced however the Socials Team were still able to maintain the volume of leads.


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Social Media Management

The Instagram and Facebook feeds for Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens have a combined following of over 40k – a loyal audience that has strong engagement. It’s an audience that loves seeing the renovation process and transformations made to fellow aussie backyards and houses. In the 4 years that RealClicks have managed this account, we have maintained a friendly and approachable social profile that befits this family-owned and operated business. The on-page content generates strong leads – with potential customers frequently beginning initial touch points right in the comments section and and/or through direct messaging.






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During the client management process for Sydney Heaters, RealClicks boosted organic monthly website visitors by an impressive 400%. Front page Organic ranks tripled over this time. These results were achieved for a well established brand that was already doing relatively well. Starting with 6 keywords in the top 10 on Google search page to currently holding 15 out of 28 keywords on the top 10 rankings on Google search page, that is 54% of selected keywords on the first page on Google. Reaching 4000+ organic monthly website visitors compared to the average of 1000+ users just the past year. An Impressive 400% increase in organic traffic to the site per month.


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Sydney Heaters

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