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Social Media Account Management


Keeping up with best practices for all the different social media platforms can take a lot of time and energy – yet a social media presence is so important, with Facebook for example – now encompassing a wooping 1.98 billion monthly users (May 2017) – it continues to be critical that business have a presence on this social platform. A social media community based around the common interest of your business can support your brand for many years to come.

Outsourcing the management of your social media to RealClicks can free up valuable time and experts who live and breathe social media can help your business grow and become better established within the social media landscape.

According to a recent study, some small businesses owners are spending as much as 33 hours weekly on social marketing activities! Outsourcing to RealClicks can maximise your social media presence without impacting the time of staff who have other areas of expertise to focus on.

Creating Trust

This is one of the key objectives that should be underlying all social media efforts – once people are engaging with your brand and have a relationship of trust towards it, then efforts of self-promotion have a fantastic platform from which to launch. In essence, the lesson here is that simply advertising your goods or service constantly without a trusting group of followers will likely have little to no effect.

Social media platforms provide a two-way street communication channel for your business to engage with existing and prospective customers – it’s the perfect place to create and nurture deeper relationships not to mention a community, around your brand.

To create trust your social media efforts need to be authoritative – in your area of expertise, helpful – participate with the community and act in their interest e.g. don’t be scared to share helpful content of someone else and lastly but not least personable – people want to know that there are actual humans in your business.

Building Great Content

The key to great content lies in ensuring the content ticks these boxes:

  1. Shareability – remember that when someone shares or likes a post they are saying something about themselves to their community – so you need to know what your audience would like to tell people and tie that in with your content.
  2. Practical – be helpful, find things that will help your followers in their day to day lives, share content that is not just generated by yourself.
  3. Linked with industry related social influencers – depending on your business – you may be able to align with industry influencers on social media – we can help to identify individuals who have influence in your area and integrate social messages with them.
  4. Human – who are the people behind the telephones, desks, etc in your business?
    Who are the clients, fans, customers?
    In particular, User Generated Content (UGC) should be shared and commented on – this encourages participation from your community as they will know they may be spotlighted by your business and creates a great sense of authenticity to your image.

Understanding News Feed Algorithms

Facebook is the big one here – and they are famous for changing the various ways that posts are picked up and how/why and where they appear elsewhere. For example so far in 2017 they have altered the way some video’s are selected over others to appear in News Feeds (percent completion lengths).

Facebook are currently rolling out another update over the second half of 2017 where they have announced that they will bury links to low-quality sites that come from posts or even Facebook ads. Facebook defines a low-quality site as one “containing little substantive content, and that is covered in disruptive, shocking or malicious ads.” There is a potential opportunity here for sites deemed being high-quality to jump in here and grab the referral traffic. This particular algorithm update resulted from increased complaints from users of Facebook News Feed content clicking through to inappropriate or spam sites.

Staying on top of various social streams’ algorithms is important to ensure that content doesn’t become “invisible” and fall through the cracks of the social sphere.

What RealClicks Provides

Every individual social media platform takes time to manage – RealClicks will create and manage an editorial content calendar for each social channel, research your competitors, optimise posts for peak traffic time, apply current best practice knowledge, moderate your accounts, engage with other thought leaders in your industry and find shareable content for your business to grow trust within your community.

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