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Social Media Advertising


The huge amounts of traffic across social media platforms and the ability to target so specifically that these platforms offer, are opportunities that no business can afford to ignore.

In the media landscape of today, people use multiple devices and platforms to consume their media – where and when they want to – in fact 59% of Australians with multi-screens in their homes use their mobiles for browsing whilst watching TV! It’s vital that your business has messages across this massive landscape of ad space.

RealClicks can build and plan strategies around reaching your target audience, optimising, testing and improving on campaigns along the way to align with your goals.

RealClicks will develop additional areas within social media ads to give your business extra leverage to reach more clients, exploring new ideas/products that could potentially benefit your business as we go.

If you have been thinking about setting up Social Media advertising but did not know where to start, drop us a call and we can get you started today.

Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook has become an extremely powerful force in Australia and abroad. Facebook has some 15 million active users in Australia and over 1.4 billion globally. These are some staggering numbers. Facebook advertising has the ability to target audiences to a level of detail today that makes it unique from its counterparts.

RealClicks can put your ads in front of the people you want to capture. We custom-build targeted Facebook advertising campaigns that reach your market. We will make sure your ads are showing for the right price and we measure the results gained with website and phone tracking.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is one of the leading social media players for image-based content in Australia and abroad, with over 5 million active monthly users here in Australia.

The 4.21% engagement rate on instagram actually makes it the the “King” of social media. Instagram advertising’s targeting abilities are similar to that of facebook as the two are owned by the same company – great advertising reach lies within instagram for advertisers.

Realclicks can guide your visually effective messages to the right group of people.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site in the world, and Australia is one of its fastest growing regions. LinkedIn advertising can bring your business in contact with its growing 3.7 million Australian members. While this number does not stack very high against Google or Facebook traffic, this site boasts a very active, target audience of professional people, all using the site to network and develop their careers.

RealClicks can develop a targeted campaign that reaches your audience on LinkedIn. We will help you set out a catchy ad and graphic that will attract prospective clients to your website. We will then be waiting on your site to capture and measure the traffic, and make sure you know about every conversion generated.

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