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Display Ads

DSP – or Demand-side platforms, are a software used to purchase advertising in an automated manner. DSP’s allow advertisers to purchase impressions across a broad range of different sites but are targeted to specific users based on information such as their location and prior browsing behaviour.

This process is now highly automated as DSPs automatically choose which ad impressions to buy (taking into account the pre-set audience preferences) from the various publishers, in an online auction against other DSPs. This is known as real-time bidding.

Despite this process being highly automated human input is still vital, RealClicks has a specialist team who create, implement, and maintain these display advertisements.

RealClicks manages the campaigns in the ad server and the digital signage software, analysing campaign performance, pulling reports, and making any recommendations for optimisation.



Remarketing is a very clever way to find people who have visited your website but may not have interacted with it. This is possible through placing cookies on your website visitor’s machines, when they meet your preferred criteria e.g clicked on your product page, their cookie ID can then be added to your remarketing list.

We are then able to position targeted ads to a defined audience as they browse around elsewhere on the net. These remarketed ads can be in either text or image display formats and are managed in Google Adwords. RealClicks can help you take advantage of this tactic which can be an extremely powerful tool to increase website conversions and increase brand awareness.

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