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LinkedIn Advertising

Social media marketing campaigns can be a very effective way to reach a large number of people that are likely to be interested in the goods and services that your company provides. Whilst Facebook has far more members that any other site and is popular with retailers that want to get a message across to a wide cross section of consumers, if your firm is primarily involved in the B2B market, LinkedIn could be a much better choice.

Making the right impression

Many retail organisations prefer PPC (pay per click) rather than CPI (cost per impression) campaigns. However, for business to business companies that are trying to build brand awareness rather than promote one specific product, the lower unit costs associated with CPI campaigns can make them a very attractive option. The fact that LinkedIn ads can be paid for in this manner and that the site membership comprises business professionals from all over the world, means that you could get much better results for your money when trying to attract the attention of other companies than you would with other social media websites.

A combined approach

If your firm sells directly to consumers as well as to other businesses, an approach that includes placing adverts on sites used primarily by business professionals as well as those frequented by a diverse cross section of society could be the best choice. That way, you will be able to catch the attention of retail customers and corporate buyers at the same time.

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