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The Importance of Good Reporting

Reporting helps an organisation document and convey specific integrated data for prompt decision making during the development of current and future plans. It is also a means of internal communication within the organisation. The information a report conveys will vary depending on the intended audience and subject, but the foundation centres around communication.


Some of the main advantages of reporting are:

  1. Identifying areas of weakness
    Reporting can help pinpoint areas of weakness or unusual occurrences reasonably easily if you have a good system of keeping your data. Sudden peaks may indicate that something is either working very well. while a drop-off may indicate something abruptly stopped working and needs to be fixed
  2. Channel overview
    It is a way to compare your performance in a specific period. Progress can be analysed by comparing current data to past months’ data and react to it accordingly by controlling expenditure and spending it in the right way.
  3. Time savings
    Reporting can save you time when trying to compare data, which in turn contributes to saving costs.
  4. Providing deeper insight

By analysing your report, you can gain insight into any trends that may exist and take responsive strategies to increase profits.

Luckily reporting is made easy with rising technology. With the increasing number of user-friendly automation reporting tools out there all we need to do now is choose which tools fit best for the business. Some of the best marketing and sales automation technologies available on the market today benefit marketers significantly in that they can provide their clients with a visual representation of all their efforts.

With reporting tools like Agency Analytics and Report Garden, they automate your data and quickly gather your metrics to create a comprehensive report. You can generate reports on many specific data performance metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions and so on and the tools will automatically make necessary bars and graphs on the data.

These tools can also generate visual reports on Social Media advertising performance, on the number of clicks, impression, reach, etc. These useful tools will save you one heck of a lot of time.

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