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Mobile Device Revolution

Why your fingers do the walking




Many of us can still remember how the emergence of mobile phones in the general consumer space changed the way people ran their businesses and lives – mobiles created an invisible tether so you could always be in touch.

The advancements of smartphones, however, have not just expanded the simple call and text functions – they have created new windows of opportunity for people to socialise and shop at their convenience.

Australia is a land of smartphones

According to the latest Nielsen study on mobile usage in August 2015, over 15 million Australians currently own a smartphone, with some 12 million owning a tablet device. But it’s not just the number of people who have the devices that matters, it’s the time spent on them too.

Aussies love smartphone browsing

The average Australian spends just under 35 hours per month on their smartphone looking at digital content – that’s a huge chunk of time that used to be swallowed up by TV, radio and print.

While PCs still reign supreme for users doing long-led research and browsing, smartphone browsing is done in short, sharp bursts where users are looking for something specific, or they are using some free time. On average, the top three activities done on a smartphone involve:

  • Social networking (35 per cent)
  • Entertainment (16 per cent)
  • Gaming (12 per cent)

What does this mean for online marketing?

  1. Businesses need to optimise their sites for mobile
    Only very recently, Google changed part of their algorithm to optimise search results for websites that are mobile compatible.
    This means that websites that were designed solely for PC viewing and had good organic search results are being bumped out of the way for revamped sites optimised for both PC and mobile device.
  2. Websites need to be short, sharp and relevant
    Given that a smartphone user is only going to spend a few minutes browsing at any one time, your website needs to shout out exactly what it does in a clear, methodical way.
  3. New opportunities in AdWords, display advertising, and social network marketing

If your customers are only spending short bursts of time on their searches, you want your business to be easily found and your customers reminded of your offerings.

AdWords marketing can get you prime search result position, while readvertising (a system where an ad follows a user for up to 60 days) can give your receptive customers that gentle nudge in the right direction. Additionally, if your customers are heavy social media followers, getting sponsored and targeted content on their favourite channels could create an additional inroad if your offering is relevant to the platform.

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