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4 reasons why SEO is more relevant than ever


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) still holds the mantle as on one of the most important online marketing tools a business can use – and that importance is only growing.
SEO involves the organic use of keywords and phrases that are relevant to the product and service that your customers would use to look for a business like yours. For example, a general dentist would not go astray using words and phrases such as: emergency dental, root canal, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, children’s dentist, dental cavities, tooth filling etc.
With so many opportunities available through SEO, we put together our top four reasons why this marketing method is more relevant than ever before:

1. It adds up to great Google rankings

Googlebots, the algorithm that checks your website and copy, will trawl through your pages to try and understand what you do and where you should rank in a search. A business that does not talk about their industry, products or services in a searchable way will not earn the rankings they need to be found easily by customers.

2. SEO creates search credibility

If your SEO is spot-on, then a customer looking for a business like yours should be able to do several searches using related keywords and see your business pop up – it builds on your business-credibility.

For example, a tree surgeon would naturally use words like: tree removal, tree trimming, branch trimming, emergency tree removal, tree lopping, and arborist just to name a few. The same business wouldn’t likely use phrases linked to lawn care or garden maintenance, which differentiates their business from landscapers and gardeners.

3. SEO is traceable

Given the right tracking tools, a marketer can see what people are searching for when they click on your site – right down the day and time of the search.
This can provide untold insight into the way your customers respond and react to things they see day-to-day. It also means that you can streamline your site through seasonal changes so you can engage customers looking for a breadth of goods and services.

4. SEO is fuelled by organic writing

Google was initially created in part to provide an infinite resource pool for questions – that is, the site is strongly favoured toward finding answers to the “How do I”? or “What is a”? based questions.

The great thing about this is that Google SEO rewards more natural styles of writing, so just about anyone who can string a sentence can contribute to their SEO. The tricky part is finding out which keywords, the frequency of use, and whether it flows naturally with the rest of the website. Not only will a natural writing style stop you from creating impossible-to-read keyword stuffed copy, it helps you avoid penalisation from Google – their bots will blacklist your site if they think keyword stuffing has taken place.

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