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Google Premier Partner

Why you need to work with a Google Premier Partner

When it seems like every man and his dog is dabbling in online marketing, how can you tell that the agency you’re trusting your brand and products with can make the difference you’ve been looking for?

Simple… just check to see if they are a qualified Google Premier Partner!

As a Google Premier Partner, we have seen far too many half-baked ideas drain the cash reserves of hard working clients – so we put together some FAQs so you can learn all there is to know about getting a qualified agent on board.

What is exactly is a Google Premier Partner?

Every once in awhile, Google reaches out to agencies that display a proven track record in campaign performance, Adwords qualifications and strategic ad spend, awarding them with access to exclusive, premium client services.

What does this partnership mean for clients?

Clients that work with a Premium Partner like us can expect:

  • Best practice account management that meets Google’s exacting standards
  • Expert analysis and strategic campaigning that goes well beyond keyword selection
  • Account managers with up-to-the-minute Adwords knowledge and experience
  • Exclusive access to new, cutting edge Beta technology across implementation and measurement
  • Priority access to Google Agency expertise, and more!

Clients can trust that their Google-endorsed agency is working tirelessly with the latest information, technology and know-how to get the best results.

Why is it important to be qualified?

Just like any tangible skill set, gone are the days when anyone with a laptop and Wi-Fi access could take the title as an internet marketing expert – or worse, a ‘guru’.

Everything about Adwords campaigning is analytical, measured and strategised. Google’s endorsement with a Premier Partnership badge means that an agency, like ours, is recognised for our performance and commitment to Google’s operating standards.

Is a Premium Partnership kept for life?

Not at all, like many formal qualifications, Google maintains evolving tough standards to ensure Adwords account managers are qualified and agencies continue to follow Google’s best practice for campaigns.

An agency that slips behind will have their exclusive Premier Partnership client services and endorsement badge revoked.

Does a Premier Partnership guarantee me results?

While working with agents that have exclusive access to Premier Partnership services gives you an edge over your competition, it can’t guarantee results.

This is where working with an agency that wants to understand your business and know your goals inside-and-out makes all the difference.
Want more information on how a Google Premier Partner can lift your online campaign? Why not contact us today and find out more!

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