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Five reasons to have multimedia on your website

Even though websites are visually based, an engaging website is one that delights as many senses as possible.
How is this achieved? Through seamless multimedia!

Powerful and professionally taken images, slideshows, video, audio and graphics communicate to customers why they should choose to work with your business ? but they can?t work alone. We put together our top five reasons why multimedia can make a huge bang for your buck on your website:

1. Images communicate the best experience from your business

Whether you?re looking to do a home renovation, order a special birthday cake or join a personal training studio, there?s a common selling technique that works successfully across all three: progress and result images. Why? Because it demonstrates that customers get great outcomes from working with you: a homeowner now has a gorgeous new living space, a lucky person ended up with a delicious looking cake, a hardworking individual transformed their health.

2. Multimedia increases the time spent on your site

Although it doesn?t sound impressive, the longer you can keep a customer looking through your website the more likely you?ll convert them into a customer. A persuasive video or image gallery can encourage a customer who was thinking of leaving your website to actually take another, harder look.

3. Multimedia builds on your SEO

Googlebots tend to rank websites with multimedia higher in searches than their non?multimedia compatriots. This is because when you add images and files to your website you have to insert titles, keywords and text into the back-end of the website to tell the Googlebot what it is: win-win!

4. Multimedia builds your credibility

Great graphics, a well-shot video and some gorgeous images can make a huge difference to how customers view your brand.

An easy to read website with some great examples of your work demonstrates strong, admirable qualities that customers look for:

  • Professional pride
  • Care and attention to detail
  • Open and welcoming to customer enquiries
  • Successful and decent income ? a good website indicates that your business is earning enough to spend it on quality marketing

In addition, customers will understand the type of work and price range your business works within by the impression your website leaves ? a slick website would indicate a highly priced product or service.

5. Multimedia can sell your product and service convincingly without your additional input

In industries where impressions and emotions are important ? think beauty, architecture, styling, and holidaying ? multimedia can fill in the gaps where copy can?t. Can you imagine booking a holiday for a location that you never saw? Hardly!
Tourism bodies are exceptional at capturing the wonderment and excitement people associate with holidays because they invest in beautifully shot videography and use it prolifically on their websites ? viewers get treated to a snapshot holiday with a promise for more.

Multimedia doesn?t have to be complicated or difficult to do, if you want more information on how images, video and more can be used to enhance your website please call us today!

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