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Does Adwords really work?

Whether you like it or not, Google AdWords has become an integral part of successful online marketing – possesses 90 per cent of all the search volume in Australia with a majority of searches focused on finding products and services.

Globally, Google AdWords is making huge waves in the advertising space. In 2006, Google reported advertising revenues in excess of $10.5 billion, and while Google remains cagey about their revenue outcomes, rumour has it that in 2012 they earned over $16 billion – looks like those little ads on your search engine results add up to some big business dollars, but for who?

Does it work?

In short, yes. Lots of marketers and businesses (large and small) enjoy the control and flexibility that the AdWords platform provides, but why?

  1. Anyone can do it
    AdWords enables businesses of any size to appear in prime search-engine real estate when a visitor is using a particular set of search keywords.
  2. It’s scalable
    AdWords charges on a Pay Per Click (PPC) system, so the client is only charged for every advertisement clicked in their AdWords campaign. This means that budgets can be set and scaled in either direction quickly to make the most of opportunities.
  3. Keywords are affordable

The price of a keyword is set by the market and is made available to clients through an open auction model. This means that the client sets the price they are willing to pay for a specific keyword or phrase – keeping in mind that the more successful keywords traffic-wise are more expensive to buy.

As one of the strongest marketing tools, AdWords presents a unique ability to create touch-points with viable customers without exhausting your budget.

However, even a great Google Adwords campaign can’t resolve the conversion conundrum that turns a visitor into a customer.

So when does it not work?

In many ways, AdWords is like a slick racing car: powerful and impressive, but only in the right hands.

AdWords is great to getting visitors to take notice of a brand, but the conversion of a visitor to a customer still relies on these often overlooked elements:

  • Friendly website design
  • Easy to find and accessible information
  • Intelligent copy that talks about the keywords organically

How can I find and fix my flaws?

With greater developments in online software tracking, there are lots of new and affordable technologies that can be used to not only track your customers’ experience, but identify their pain-points and what resonates with them the most.

Armed with tracking software, you will be able to clearly see where visitors go, where they spend the most time, and where they leave – so it’s perfect for seeing if a campaign is working the way you want it to!

In saying that, it’s great to have a fantastic promotion, but if your website can’t convert a customer by itself – you’re only wasting time and money.

To make it easier for you to get started on your own successful AdWords campaign, we pulled together our top five tips:

  1. Get professional assistance
    Unless you can dedicate hours of research and study week-in week-out, to get a grasp on AdWords and keep up with its changes, get professional help. Not sure where to start? Ask your friends and networks for recommendations and then:

    • – Investigate what sort of clients they work for
    • – Look for recent testimonials – you might want to contact a business involved in the testimonial to get more information
    • – Ask to see a portfolio of work
  2. Measure the results
    The effectiveness of any campaign can only be found through results measurement. AdWords campaigns often require adjustments, so setting up the Google AdWords conversion tracking system and Google Analytics software will help show you areas of success and development, take a look at this link for further information:

  3. Make sure your website will convert
    The page your AdWords traffic lands on will determine whether your audience converts or leaves. Ask yourself: is my website easy to navigate? Are the calls-to-action obvious? Is there an offer and is it clear?
    Be prepared to make changes once you start sending traffic to the site.

  4. Write clear, relevant copy in your ad and site
    The copy you use in your AdWords campaign needs to do two things:

    • Draw the attention of the right prospect
    • Compel them to click through

The focus on copy doesn?t stop there, the page your visitor lands on also needs to mirror the same sentiments of the ad, so alignment of the ad to your website and website page is paramount.

  1. Make ?AdWords part of your daily routine
    AdWords success comes from consistent review, educated incremental adjustments and campaign flexibility. Get in the habit of watching and reading tutorials ? there are so many avenues to explore in the AdWords world to give you ideas!

AdWords is a huge component of online marketing ? it?s too influential to be missed! If you would like more information on how AdWords can work with your business or marketing campaign, why not give us a call today!

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