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Display Advertising – The next BIG thing

Magic words

The history of written word dates back to 3,200BC, with several independent civilisations seen to create their own forms and systems between 3,200BC and 600BC. The written word was transformative in human history for a number of reasons:

  • Information could be recorded accurately without the failings of human memory
  • News could be transported across great distances
  • Data and stories could be duplicated
  • History and culture could be preserved without the need for a living remnant
  • New information and instructions could be created and shared with anyone who can read

Since then, technological advances such as the print press made reading and writing more accessible and affordable to the masses – the traditional price of materials and the cumbersome process of duplicating documents excluded many. With the advent of the print press, a single worker could make hundreds of copies of the same document within hours, not months!

Now, with online advertising, an infinite number of your ads can be seen at any second – and they can be changed at a click of a button. But, with so many businesses taking advantage of Internet marketing, how do you cut through the noise?

Simple; banner advertising!

Banner advertising has transformed marketing so deeply that connecting seller to buyer has never been easier: relaunching a completely remodelled banner ad takes just a few minutes. With banner advertising it’s never too late to make updates that tap into your target market.

Banner advertising:

  • Puts your brand in touch with relevant audiences
  • Places control back in your hands to choose when and where your ad appears
  • Is affordable
  • Provides greater sales and tracking information
  • Can be personalised and remodelled within seconds
  • “Remarketing” allows your banner ads to follow visitors for up to 60 days to remind them about your brand and gently nudge them to purchase

Banner advertising has presented a huge shift in the advertising paradigm, and it’s working for thousands of businesses.

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