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Digital Marketing Touch Points

Digital marketing is tricky business, you need to have your touch points in order if you intend to convert the maximum amount of prospects.

What Touch Points? What order?

I am talking about prospecting campaigns using display advertising across all platforms, not just Google and Facebook. Let the videos roll on YouTube, let’s make a rich experience as the first interaction with the brand.

This initial interaction is all about the eyeballs on the brand and causing brand uplift in search and social platforms. Once our prospects move down to this level we are hunting for clicks and want to give them your direct calls to action.

Here we drive prospects into sexy landing pages and our creative split tests. We should be massaging the creative into liquid gold, causing prospects to convert due to the beauty of our artistry.

No matter how amazing our creative is, 90% of the traffic will still leave without converting. Here we hit them with a second wave, remarketing banners. Please please do not send blah blah blah banners after prospects and expect them to interact.

Make your Remarketing surprising, making it compelling and provide calls to action the prospects have not already had. This is the last round, make sure you save your best punch for the remarketing activities.


By Shannon Hadley | Internet Marketing Adviser

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