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Crystal Pools Case Study


For high ticket price items, the volume of traffic generated by your online campaign is nowhere near as important as the quality of the leads.

For a company such as Crystal Pools, each sale involves a purchaser who is making a choice about a once in a lifetime item. That choice needs to be balanced up against other big decisions, like when and where to purchase your first home. “When you’re purchasing a pool, you’re looking a luxury item,” says Andrew Rothery, Sales & Marketing Manager at Crystal Pools. “People purchasing our product might be weighing up the choice between private school for the kids, a family trip to Disneyland, or an investment in a swimming pool. So it’s quite a weighty decision.”

Crystal Pools clients have a very flexible lead time in making their purchasing choice. Some people may work with the company for two or three weeks before signing off on a contract. Other people need a lot longer – and with such a major investment, people really like to do their homework. Content marketing and providing an information rich experience for the client is therefore an integral component in the overall marketing strategy.

Crystal Pools is a family business that has been running for nearly six decades. During that time, the company has forged through many different eras of promotion and marketing strategies. From an era when print ruled, through to the modern times, the key to the company’s success has been not only in delivering a quality product, but in knowing how to get the idea of the product in front of the people who want it the most – Aussie mums and dads with kids to entertain during long hot Aussie summers.

In the early days of the company, those mums and dads were reading newspapers and looking for information in phone and trade directories. These days, they’re online, and that’s where RealClicks comes in.

“When online marketing first began, we saw it as a necessary evil,” Andrew says. “We knew it was time to move away from the paper based marketing campaigns that we had built the business on, and we needed help to get started.”

“We hired a company to help us out, but we know our business well enough to understand that something didn’t quite stack up with the results that were being reported.”

“Our business is seasonal,” Andrew reports. “Yet the same results were being reported month after month, regardless of the demand for swimming pool enquiries which naturally increase over the warmer months of the year. The even spread of the spend throughout the year just didn’t sit right with us.”

In response, Crystal Pools set off in search of an internet marketing company that could deliver transparency and accountability in their results.

“RealClicks have been quite good supporters of our business. We have set targets that need to be achieved. We can gauge quite a lot on previous year’s experience. We devised a strategy with RealClicks where we decided to concentrate on the internet – and to make our presence bigger and better,” Andrew says.

“RealClicks directed us to do the right thing internet wise – from selecting AdWords, to providing meaningful stats on what words to use, and which campaigns would work the best for us. We now have a complete suite of campaigns, including SEO that is integrated with our website.”

Crystal Pools have now been with RealClicks for two years. “The main reason we are there is because of the strength of the disclosure on stats and figures. The reporting really keeps us informed,” Andrew says. “I’m not the easiest client to work with – if something’s not working well, Shannon will hear from me. And I will be expecting results. With RealClicks, that has never been a problem. Whether we require changes, answers, or straight out advice, the team is always available.”

Andrew tries to meet with the RealClicks team quite regularly. “We look over how we’re travelling, what’s new, and set a plan for our direction. I monitor every report, every fluctuation, and monitor everything very closely to detect any changes. Our preference has always been to make modifications well ahead of time, rather than wait until there’s an issue. The RealClicks team have always been very flexible about our needs”.

If you open the bonnet of the car these days, there’s pipes and bits and pieces everywhere. It’s hard for a layman to understand – so you need to get a mechanic to do the job. Internet marketing is the same – the more you lift the lid and look at what’s going on the more you realise you need a partnership like we have with RealClicks.

“This is a challenging time for traditional industries,” Andrew says. “The world of business is in transition. Over the last 58 years, we have built a good company of professional builders which is traditionally really good a pool building. Now that marketing has moved so far towards the internet, that’s a really big change for the culture of the company. But with the help of RealClicks, we’ve managed to step over that threshold with ever greater success, and 80% of our enquiries now come from the internet.”


Andrew Rothery | Sales & Marketing Manager

Andrews 25 years building and sales experience adds to Crystal Pools already impressive 57 years in business. He supports the most experienced design and sales consultant team in the pool industry today. He also assists all crystal pools clients through the sales and building process. Favourite pool: Raised spa pool – Hurstville

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