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5 tips guaranteed to increase site conversions


1. Intriguing calls to action.
Give the punters a reason to call. Turn that online pamphlet into a lead generating machine by asking the prospects to call or email. Throw some sizzle on the sausage with a special or sale or discount or value add or your nanna’s panties, just give them a reason to engage.

2. Put the phone number and the quick contact form in more places on the website.
What a radical idea this is, if you have the phone number placed throughout the site more, people will call it more. We suggest top right of every page, bottom right of every page and work it in around the sexy offers you just came up with for point 1.

3. Come out of the cave and make that site work properly on all mobiles devices.
Mobile device usage on the internet is leaping along at 25% growth year on year. If your site is not a native mobile responsive site, you are leaving a lot of users dissatisfied with the interaction.

By Native I am not referring to a lost tribe in the Brazilian jungle that is particularly good at website programming, no. We are talking about making the site from scratch so that it works properly on mobile devices, this is the definition of a native mobile responsive site.

4. Testimonials still work if they are real and they are done right.
These come in a few looks and feels, let’s call them The Good, The Better and The bloody Unbelievable that will sell the pants off this site.

Here they are:

  • The Good. This refers to your three liner, ‘these guys are good you should trust them’ with a real or likely made up name under it.
  • The Better. This is where the above three liner is mixed in with a case study of the product or service or job that was completed. Use images and really dive deep into what has been done. Build it out and make it sing.
  • The Bloody Unbelievable. Get the Good, Get the Better and then in the middle of all that, get the real client on Video telling the story of how amazing the service, product or outcome has been. A well set-out case study with a video testimonial in it is marketing liquid gold.

5. Get real people on your website.
If your website has the same heads on it as three other websites in the same industry, that just looks silly. Get a person with a camera (not a phone) to take professional photos of the team, individual photos of team members and the premises
(if you have one).

Make sure everything is well branded in the shots. If you want to take this to the max, when the guy is out shooting the video for tip 4 – get some video shots of the business, the people and maybe the boss – tell the prospects what the business is all about.

Bonus tip of the day.

If you did not come up with any of the above ideas? Get professional help, you need it. Digital Marketing experts like RealClicks are rolling this and a lot more out, all day long. They will be fast, reliable and can insure the outcomes will increase the leads from your site.

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