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Our Values

Real Service

To create a marketing strategy that’s a perfect fit for your business, we take a personal interest in the type of work you do and what you want to achieve.

Our personal investment in your business means that you will have a dedicated account manager to answer your questions, manage your campaign and work on your behalf to find ways to get the cut-through your brand is looking for.

Real service means more than just keeping clients informed; our commitment to real service gives us real insights into how we can help you reach your goals sooner, and select the most suitable strategy model from a specialised menu of options.

With RealClicks you can be sure of:

  • Transparent fee structures
  • No hidden margins
  • Results-driven campaigns
  • Accurate feedback from leading tracking and bidding software
  • Completely measurable performance and outcomes

Real Results

Attracting some of the industries most reputable online marketers, strategists, digital developers, designers and copywriters, RealClicks is uniquely positioned to deliver real results from an enviable smorgasbord of experienced and talented industry professionals.

With state-of-the-art tracking and data software underpinning our campaign modelling, clients can see first-hand how elements of product, promotion, placement and pricing work alongside digital aspects of design and interactivity to create outstanding results.

To ensure campaign success, we enlist:

  • Google Analytics to track your website visitor behaviour
  • Agile Pay Per Click (PPC) bidding platforms that work within set budget parameters to ensure you are given prominent placement at key times
  • Call tracking software that records important data from calls made directly from your website – an area growing more important as smartphone browsing and purchasing gains momentum – and more!

Real Teamwork

At RealClicks, we believe online marketing success comes from the effective collaboration of specialists working toward a common goal – in other words, real teamwork.
As such, our agency was formed with a fundamental deliverable to provide an engaging and open collaboration space where marketers, strategists, account managers and more can work together to discuss and unlock hidden campaign opportunities.

The result: clients receive a highly developed and honed strategy built by a team of trusted field experts.

Real Honesty

The online marketing space is rapidly changing as elements such as digital disruption, traditional strong-arming, supply, demand, purchasing demographics and currency fluctuate.
It is because of these factors that we remain agile and responsive to the marketplace, and candid with clients when we recommend a change in tack – we believe in real honesty.

Swift on our feet and armed with the latest data, our team can quickly turn campaigns around to leverage off new trends so clients can maximise their results in an ever-changing arena.

We have a proven track record

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