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Crystal Pools Case Study


For high ticket price items, the volume of traffic generated by your online campaign is nowhere near as important as the quality of the leads.

For a company such as Crystal Pools, each sale involves a purchaser who is making a choice about a once in a lifetime item. That choice needs to be balanced up against other big decisions, like when and where to purchase your first home. “When you’re purchasing a pool, you’re looking a luxury item,” says Andrew Rothery, Sales & Marketing Manager at Crystal Pools. “People purchasing our …

Don’t Ignore Your Social Media, PLEASE!


As a social media practitioner and avid personal social user, it shocked me to discover that many small businesses are still not utilising social media.

It seems that many of you guys are starting to notice this (thank god) and are getting involved increasingly. Last year there was a big upswing in small businesses getting involved with a growth recorded of 31% to 48% of you guys creating a social media presence in 2016.

However this is still a shocking adaption rate considering in Australia there are over 15 million facebook users alone! Don’t …

Realclicks Afloat

This year has been a big one, as a digital marketing agency, evolution and change is always around us!
To celebrate 2016 and the festive season, our staff and clients took on Sydney Harbour for an epic day of swimming and maybe just a few beverages…


Daniel from Sydney Harbour Specialists hooked us up with a splendid catamaran and there was no holding us back, a big thank you to Daniel and the crew for making the day so special for us.

Wishing all our clients and staff a refreshing break, very Merry Christmas and …

The importance of content writing

Pencil Tags

Strong Website content has never been more vital. If your site has solid ranks on Google or Social media – that has real punch – and great content is the key. Quality content builds brand equity and establishes thought leadership across industries.

Google loves to see rich case studies, industry leading blog content and thorough product reviews. Providing the users with rich experiences is part of Google’s mantra, so it’s no wonder they want to see this from their high ranking websites.

Quality site content will not just rank you better organically with search engines, but should be …

5 tips guaranteed to increase site conversions


1. Intriguing calls to action.
Give the punters a reason to call. Turn that online pamphlet into a lead generating machine by asking the prospects to call or email. Throw some sizzle on the sausage with a special or sale or discount or value add or your nanna’s panties, just give them a reason to engage.

2. Put the phone number and the quick contact form in more places on the website.
What a radical idea this is, if you have the phone …

The Human Review


The importance of third party reviews is something no business can afford to ignore – with an abundance of information floating around the web, our tech savvy potential customers will almost immediately seek some unbiased reviews before making many different types of decisions – from ordering dinner to choosing the right builder to renovate their home.

The digital age has transformed us all into virtual detectives.

We value a recommendation from a third party much like “word of mouth” – online testimonials have become the virtual “word on the street.” Even better, video testimonials lend body …

Google Premier Partner

Why you need to work with a Google Premier Partner
When it seems like every man and his dog is dabbling in online marketing, how can you tell that the agency you’re trusting your brand and products with can make the difference you’ve been looking for?

Simple… just check to see if they are a qualified Google Premier Partner!

As a Google Premier Partner, we have seen far too many half-baked ideas drain the cash reserves of hard working clients – so we put together some FAQs so you can learn all there is to …

Five reasons to have multimedia on your website

Even though websites are visually based, an engaging website is one that delights as many senses as possible.
How is this achieved? Through seamless multimedia!

Powerful and professionally taken images, slideshows, video, audio and graphics communicate to customers why they should choose to work with your business ? but they can?t work alone. We put together our top five reasons why multimedia can make a huge bang for your buck on your website:

1. Images communicate the best experience from your business

Whether you?re looking to do a home renovation, order a special birthday cake or join a personal training studio, there?s a common …

Tee-ing up the perfect campaign

Last month we were fortunate to host the grand opening of our little, one-hole, office put-put green – Exciting times!

While none of us are likely to take the mantle as the next Jason Day, the glory of conquering the put-put will make it a hotspot for Thursday and Friday night tournaments.

As we were celebrating the put-put’s maiden round – where all of us were yelling out somewhat questionable advice to the player – it occurred to me that the humble little put-put, and it’s bigger 18-hole brother, have more in common with planning and executing digital marketing campaigns than what …

2015 Xmas Party

We ended the year with a BANG!
“Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place, and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how …

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