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Well, first you should know that EDM stands for Electronic Direct Mail. Secondly, you should be aware that EDMs and email marketing campaigns are two separate things.

Producing an EDM is a much larger effort than simple email communication. An EDM will employ multiple forms of communication to get your message out there and then work to reinforce your campaign messaging.

Some of the most commonly used channels used for EDMs include:

Social Media Channels

PPC Campaigns

Remarketing Advertising

Offline Advertising

An email marketing campaign, on the other hand, is purely based on email send-outs. It involves the …

The Importance of Good Reporting

Reporting helps an organisation document and convey specific integrated data for prompt decision making during the development of current and future plans. It is also a means of internal communication within the organisation. The information a report conveys will vary depending on the intended audience and subject, but the foundation centres around communication.

Some of the main advantages of reporting are:

Identifying areas of weakness
Reporting can help pinpoint areas of weakness or unusual occurrences reasonably easily if you have a good system of keeping your data. Sudden peaks may indicate that something is …

Is Facebook Advertising better than Google Adwords for your business?


Whether you are considering entering internet marketing to additionally enhance your business or you are already partaking in investments in digital advertising. Enterprises ranging in various sizes need to make some difficult decisions about which platform sufficiently meets their requirements and necessities. It is beneficial to leverage the strengths of advertising using Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising to achieve maximum visibility, increase leads and sales.

So, when it comes to Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising, which one is better for your business? Well, we are here to find that out.
What Is Google Adwords: Paid …

Is The First Position in AdWords, The Best Position in Paid Search?

Understanding importance of page position on your Google advertising is a must to get effective ROI! Many advertisers have a conception that being the first is the best position, but research is showing that it isn’t always the case.

Many business and advertisers are getting distracted on bringing your paid ad to position number 1. I would suggest working towards spending your budget in the way that actually gets you the best ROI. Yes, this could mean spending just enough on AdWords to leverage towards position 2, 3 or even 4, as recent studies have highlighted that these can, in fact, …

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

What the hell is it?

Let’s break it down into terms we can all understand.

There is a hot girl or guy that you work with. I mean they are really hot and you really want them to ask you out on a date. You are really smart, so you decide to find out all the things this hot person likes in a potential dating partner. In a creepy way, you stalk them on Social pages, you talk to strangers on forums, you do online research around making yourself more attractive and, even more creepy you research ex-partners, looking for things you …

Bridal Secrets


Keeping secrets about how you will make your wedding magical is a bride’s greatest dream. But spreading the word about Bridal Secrets is essential to the success of one of Australia’s most romantic bridal wear destinations.

In preparing for their big day, brides wishing to try the latest creations from leading designers such as Pronovias, Mori Lee, Maggie Sottero or Marilyn Couture usually need to visit many different locations. Bridal Secrets owners Shirley and Liza have a very popular store that features multiple brands under one roof, which was originally located in a retail …

Digital Marketing Touch Points

Digital marketing is tricky business, you need to have your touch points in order if you intend to convert the maximum amount of prospects.

What Touch Points? What order?

I am talking about prospecting campaigns using display advertising across all platforms, not just Google and Facebook. Let the videos roll on YouTube, let’s make a rich experience as the first interaction with the brand.

This initial interaction is all about the eyeballs on the brand and causing brand uplift in search and social platforms. Once our prospects move down to this level we are hunting for clicks and want to give …

Crystal Pools Case Study


For high ticket price items, the volume of traffic generated by your online campaign is nowhere near as important as the quality of the leads.

For a company such as Crystal Pools, each sale involves a purchaser who is making a choice about a once in a lifetime item. That choice needs to be balanced up against other big decisions, like when and where to purchase your first home. “When you’re purchasing a pool, you’re looking a luxury item,” says Andrew Rothery, Sales & Marketing Manager at Crystal Pools. “People purchasing our …

Don’t Ignore Your Social Media, PLEASE!


As a social media practitioner and avid personal social user, it shocked me to discover that many small businesses are still not utilising social media.

It seems that many of you guys are starting to notice this (thank god) and are getting involved increasingly. Last year there was a big upswing in small businesses getting involved with a growth recorded of 31% to 48% of you guys creating a social media presence in 2016.

However this is still a shocking adaption rate considering in Australia there are over 15 million facebook users alone! Don’t …

Realclicks Afloat

This year has been a big one, as a digital marketing agency, evolution and change is always around us!
To celebrate 2016 and the festive season, our staff and clients took on Sydney Harbour for an epic day of swimming and maybe just a few beverages…


Daniel from Sydney Harbour Specialists hooked us up with a splendid catamaran and there was no holding us back, a big thank you to Daniel and the crew for making the day so special for us.

Wishing all our clients and staff a refreshing break, very Merry Christmas and …

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